Flexible layouts

Dotted theme offers various page templates and layout options. First of all you can choose between vertical and horizontal menus, also you can decide to disable content box at all. Logo and menu section is scalable and changeable, same as content, backgrounds etc. You can see some examples on Showcase page. Every single page layout elements can be modified independent of other pages, like background color, headers, footer and sidebar.

Available Templates:

  • Full width template
  • Right sidebar template
  • Left sidebar template
  • Sortable portfolio 1 column
  • Sortable portfolio 2 column
  • Sortable portfolio 3 column
  • Sortable portfolio 4 column
  • Paged portfolio 1 column
  • Paged portfolio 2 column
  • Paged portfolio 3 column
  • Paged portfolio 4 column
  • Single portfolio entry
  • Blog layout:
    1) centered or left aligned
    2) with or without sidebar
  • Single post:
    1) centered or left aligned
    2) with or without sidebar
  • Each of templates above can have: Offer slider, Orbit slider, Post slider, Chop slider variations, Nivo slider, Carousel slider, Image and Custom header HTML.

    Special templates

  • Dot menu template
  • 404 error page
  • Search page
  • Achieves