The amazing chop slider 2.

Three-dimensional block transitions.

3d transforms are currently supported in webkit browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. All other browsers, including mobile will degrade beautifully and display other effects you defined. So you will not have to worry and can freely use new cutting edge web technologies.

Easy Installation

Plugin comes with WP native installation, no need to upload files by files. All you need is to upload the plugin package via native WP Plugin Installation page

Own Menu Section

Plugin comes with its own admin Menu section with three pages: Dashboard (Management) page, Transtions Library and “Add New” page

CS Dashboard

Home page of Chop Slider 2 WP Plugin. Here you’ll find information about all created Sliders, transition library state, and other useful information

Native WP Interface

WP Plugin uses 100% native wordpress interface, there is no additional heavyweight images, styles and scripts.

Latest Updates

With purchase of the theme you also get latest future updates of Chop Slider. You will be able to download newest versions with new features from our server with your purchase code

Easy To Create

It’s very easy to create new Chop Slider, the “Add New” page has a lot of interesting and self-explaining features

Native Uploader

Chop Slider 2 uses native WP image uploader / Media Library. So you can easily upload, resize, crop required pictures, and insert them to the Slider

Links and Captions

Easy to add hyperlink or caption with text/html for any slide

152 Transitions!

Choose any from 152 available 2D or 3D transition effects, or choose them all!

Manage Navigation

Use navigation that you need – arrows or pagination. Simply enable or disable elements you need

Visual Skins

There are five available Dinamic Visual Skins that are great to use for different purposes with different layouts

Custom Elements

If you do no like default skins you can use your own custom elements as pagination, arrows and captions

Full 3D

The most eye-catching effect of Chop Slider 2 is also available in WordPress plugin.

Preview Generator

With this feature you can preview how the Slider will work with chosen images (slides) and with selected effects

Transitions Library

Plugin comes with integrated Transitions Library where you can see all available transitions effects

All possibilities for integration! You can integrate Chop Slider in three ways:


You can use Chop Slider’s Shortcode to insert created Slider into the Post or Page. Plugin also adds new button to the text editor (in HTML mode) to make the inserting of Shortcode as simple as possible

Chop Slider Widget

Chop Slider 2 WP Plugin comes with its own widget. So you can easily insert required Slider into the sidebar, footer, header or any other available widget position!

Template Tag

If you need to integrate Chop Slider right into the Theme’s files (for example into the header) you can use CS Template Tag (PHP function) for deeper integration

Resource-Saving Integration

Plugin adds all neccessary scripts (Core jQuery Plugin, Transitions Library and configuration scripts) only on the pages with Chop Slider. Plugin uses in-built JS, CSS and HTML “generators” to generate the required files for every Slider after you create (or edit) it. It is a good way to make the plugin works much faster, it will not make request to the database, parse a lot of variables to generate JS, CSS and HTML code with every integrated Slider on the page. But with pre-generated files it just includes ready to use JS, CSS and HTML files for the required Slider!


Chop Slider 2 WP Plugin comes with full-illustrated 30-pages PDF documentation!


Chop Slider 2 WP Plugin has been tested and compatible with WordPress 3.0+ and jQuery 1.6+

Clean Uninstallation

Chop Slider 2 uses clean uninstallation. After you remove it, plugin will remove all created files and data tables from the data base!

Check out live videos of chop slider 2 in action.